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Terms and Conditions

Heart-based Path Disclaimer and Terms of Use/ Consent Form for Session

I understand that KALI sessions are complementary energy-based approaches to health and healing that can assist my body in its natural ability to heal. I fully acknowledge and understand that this is accomplished through the use of contact and/or non-contact touch.

I understand that KALI Sessions are complementary therapies not intended to replace any currently prescribed medical treatments, as ordered by my physicians, nor any other medical care that I have I may be advised to seek by them.

I understand that Effie Canonizado will neither diagnose any medical condition, nor prescribe for any condition that I might have, nor does she make any specific claims regarding results from the sessions that I receive. I understand that I am encouraged to consult a licensed medical practitioner for any physical or mental complaints I may have. KALI Session is not a substitute for medical or psychological attention, examination, diagnosis or treatment.

I understand that KALI Sessions may involve physical movements as well as an opportunity for stress reduction and improved mental well being. As is the case with any physical activity, the risk of injury, even serious, disabling or fatal, is always present and cannot be entirely eliminated. If I experience any pain or discomfort, I will listen to my body, discontinue the activity, and ask for support from the instructor. I will continue to breathe smoothly. I assume full responsibility for any and all damages, which may incur through participation.

Effie Canonizado is not available or trained to assist with emergency or urgent physical health crises. If you are having a psychological emergency, please call L.A. County Mental Health/Crisis Line: 800-854-7771 or for physical emergency please call 911.

No one under the age of 18 will be permitted to attend Hearth-based Path classes or events without an attending parent or guardian.

I understand that all client information and records are treated in a confidential manner. My experiences during these sessions are confidential subject to the usual exceptions governed by State or Federal laws/ regulations and if there is reason to believe that you have serious intent to harm yourself by an act you may commit.

KALI Sessions are generally considered safe, though given that it is such a powerful transmission, please be aware that it can sometimes release unprocessed emotions. This is a key part of the process and it is our recommendation to give yourself time afterward to support integration. KALI Sessions are not advised for people prone to manic, delusional, or psychotic episodes.  

By signing, I affirm that a licensed physician has verified my good health, physical and mental condition to participate in such a program. In addition, I will make the instructor aware of any medical conditions or physical limitations before class or session. If I am pregnant, become pregnant or I am post-natal or post-surgical, my signature verifies that I have my physician’s approval to participate.

I also affirm that I alone am responsible to decide whether to practice KALI and participation is at my own risk. Except in the case of gross negligence or malpractice, I or my representative(s) agree to fully release and hold harmless Effie Canonizado and Heart-based Path from and against any and all claims or liability of whatsoever kind or nature arising out of or in connection with my KALI classes/session(s)/events.

There are no refunds. “No Shows” are charged in full and not rescheduled. We require 48 hours notice to reschedule. It is your responsibility to ensure we receive your notification about rescheduling. Individual sessions cannot be transferred to anyone else.

We reserve the right to refuse service.

By attending Heart-based Path classes, sessions, events, you acknowledge that you have read the Terms of Use and the disclaimers contained therein and that you accept and agree to be bound by the terms thereof.

As these policies are publicly visible and available, it is understood that anyone attending Heart-based Path classes, sessions and events does so with the acknowledgment that she/he has read the above waiver, understands its meaning and legal implications, and agrees fully to the terms and conditions stipulations herein.

By purchasing a class/session you acknowledge the cancellation policy and you acknowledge that Effie Canonizado is not a doctor, counselor, or lawyer and she is not providing anyone with medical, psychological, or legal advice. This is why it is said that KALI events/ classes/sessions are for entertainment purposes, although Effie Canonizado really puts her heart and soul into helping people.

We may amend these policies from time to time. Changes to these policies will be posted on our website. We encourage you to review our policies periodically, because by visiting our website you agree to accept any such changes.

I have read and fully understand and agree to the above terms of this Liability Waiver Agreement. I am electronically signing this agreement voluntarily and recognize that my electronic signature serves as complete and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extent allowed by law in the United States and the State of California.

There are no refunds. A 48-hour prior notice is required to reschedule. No shows will not be refunded or rescheduled.

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